Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

it's always sad to see the pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, and halloween dress-up chapter go, mostly because that means fall will soon be making it's exit, and nasty winter will make it's entrance. but at least before i can get to crabby about the cold weather, i have thanksgiving and christmas to look forward to!

we had a successful halloween this year. my coworkers and i all rocked the 80's, there was no MNF chiefs game for colby to attend so that he could trick-or-treat with us, and owen grasped on to the whole trick-or-treating gig immediately & really enjoyed himself. what a cute little doctor he made! 

happy halloween!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

fall festival.

our neighborhood hosts an annual fall festival each october. since we've had owen, we've made it a point to attend the 2-3 events our neighborhood hosts each year. since we pay big bucks to our neighborhood association in dues, we might as well take advantage of some free entertainment. 

this year, we've gotten extra fancy. it was quite an upgrade from last year - an inflatable bounce house was rented, and oklahoma joe's (kc's best bbq!) catered. the day was beautiful, and it was a nice way to spend our afternoon with owen after having missed him during wedding festivities.

pumpkin decorating, bean bag toss, face painting, and a few other games were also part of the entertainment. i never want fall to end.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

a wedding weekend for sarah marie.

this weekend i headed to clay center, kansas to celebrate one of my very best friends. i had the honor of standing beside her as her matron of honor (but let's just say MOH because matron sounds so.. OLD) on her wedding day.. the happiest day of her life.. to date. (her words!)

back in june, i threw her a shower. then just this past friday, i think i arrived in clay center just in time with some wine for the bride. fulfilling my MOH duties, you know. (let's pretend i didn't run off to the reception and forget to bustle her gown?)

i got to be there for my selfless friend who constantly putting the needs of others before her own. she is thoughtful, and a great listener - and remembers the little things. she is an amazing friend, and will be a wonderful wife & mom. i'm thankful she filled the empty cubicle next to mine 5 years ago just a few months after i had moved to this city. i'm thankful her first impression of me (as being a "johnson county" girl - what?!) was quickly forgotten. instead, we found out we were both small town girls, and also neighbors in the same apartment complex. we both bought houses at the same time and moved further apart, but that just opened doors to the beginning of our baking dates in our new kitchens! i later left my job with the trust company, but now, only a couple of years later, we are once again co-workers. i'm thankful for her.

happy 'happy ever after' to you, my beautiful friend!

introducing... mr & mrs fentiman! :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

pumpkin patch.

friday, owen & i, along with em, ella, and ivy's company made our first trip of the season to the pumpkin patch! we landed back at home base this year at johnson farms where owen experienced his first trip to the pumpkin patch. we tried a new one last season, thanks to a groupon bargain, but were disappointed when we discovered their pumpkins were pre-picked and just scattered in a corn field. 

owen and ella were pleased to discover a few new fun additions to johnson farms this year: a giant play place & a sandbox school bus. we spent nearly 3 hours at the pumpkin patch without ever actually making it to the pumpkin patch.. if that makes sense. we saw a litter of baby pigs - just one day old, watched the kids climb haystack mountains, visited with some horses, chickens, turkeys, & goats, and played really hard in the play places & mazes.

and my little one zonked out minutes after being buckled into his carseat on our way back. 

we had so much fun on friday, that i decided to make a trip back on saturday knowing it guaranteed to wear out that boy of mine who is becoming increasingly more difficult to nap unless he's been physically exhausted. it worked like a charm.

but that time, we made it out to the actual pumpkin patch. owen couldn't stop obsessing over the tractor he just rode to get out there long enough to take any interest in picking out a pumpkin, though. oh well, that's what our season pass if for.. we'll be back! :)