Sunday, December 23, 2012

the christmas tree farm.

way back on december 1, we made our annual trip to cut down our family christmas tree. the boys picked out a beauty. 

owen's favorite part was the tractor ride out to the trees. he remembered it very well from our trips to the pumpkin patch, and was only concerned with getting right back on one after we got off. 

this also began his season long love of sleighs (and rudolph, too, because someone has to carry that sleigh!). these two played on this sleigh for quite some time while we waited on our trees to be shaken and wrapped.

it was our lucky day because santa was at the farm.  we tried for our token picture with santa, but owen wanted nothing to do with his lap. surprisingly, though, he didn't hesitate to sit on mrs. clause's lap. such a funny kid. no smile, but an improvement from last year!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

an announcement.

guess what?


and i can't wait to see him in that role. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

my Hoosier Thanksgiving.

for the first time in 6 years, i spent thanksgiving in indiana. it is always a treat to be home, and becomes extra special when it's filled with family and friends that i don't get to see very often.

the last time i was having thanksgiving dinner in indiana, i was likely still sitting at the kids table, even in my 20's. fast forward 6 years, and we had 8 kids aged 5 and younger in attendance. we've been busy. it was so great to have all of those little people together and to soak in our limited time together. i was reminded how 6 years ago, i probably would never have wished that kind of thanksgiving upon myself, but now i wouldn't have wanted it any other way. it really is amazing how time changes us. 

my dogs are in heaven when we arrive at grandma & grandpa's. it makes me feel guilty when we have to bring them back to our small suburban fenced in yard after experiencing the freedom of the country.

i got to see erin and her big boy henry for a short visit, and then we roadtripped to columbus to visit claire & hubby. a sales pitch, if you will, for some small town indiana livin'. since we were so close, we "had" to head over to bloomington to visit our beloved city. we did some christmas shopping.. for ourselves.. at the bookstores since it's otherwise difficult/impossible to find IU gear around here. our hoosier wardrobe needed a couple of updates! then we were sneaky-sneaky and snuck into a closed practice to watch our #1 hoosiers play some ball.

here are some randomly ordered pictures from our visit!

#1 team in the nation practicing.. nbd. ;-)

my handsome guy on thanksgiving.

"thanks, dad, for bringing me to indiana to play!" - macy

don't be jealous. pumpkin creme brûlée.

oh, bloomington, you're still so beautiful.

grandma gifted a new suitcase to owen, who then insisted it needed to go inside cracker barrel on our way back to KC.

9 hours is a really long time to be in a car.

the birthday boy.

a mickey mouse birthday party & grandpa.

country lovins.

colby and 3 specks that are owen, macy, and kirkwood.