Thursday, February 28, 2013

more snow.

the snow was a great send-off for colby & i's weekend in san diego, but this wasn't exactly what i had in mind for our welcome home..

it may be hard to see in the above picture, but there is a fallen tree right in front of our porch. this snow was heavy. and there was a lot of it.

but we're thankful to have been one of the last few flights to make it in, and to have arrived home safely to our sweet boy and dogs who we missed constantly while we were away.

is it spring yet?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

san diego trip.

colby and i took our first weekend trip together without child since.. we've been with child. owen has done one sleepover with his cousin ella last summer for our anniversary - and that was really special. but this was for an entire weekend. a new experience for all of us.

this time, we headed a little bit further from home for a timely weekend away from the winter weather to sunny san diego while owen had his first sleepover with nana and papa. 

seemed like our schedule revolved around my eating schedule, and eat we did. we ate really well, and there's not much that makes me happier right now. being able to enjoy a meal is not something i've taken for granted these last few months, so reaching this milestone that seems to allow such enjoyment is incredible.

we had beautiful weather. an abundance of sunshine, upper 60's - perfect weather to lose a jacket. or to lie in the sand, soak in some vitamin d rays, and do absolutely nothing for 2 hours.. which just about the length of time i can go without needing to start thinking about eating again.

meanwhile, in kansas city...

we retired early each night. this pregnancy is also responsible for my falling into a routine bedtime between 7:30-8:30 most nights to sleep away the nausea.. so this had an interesting translation for the pacific time zone. i was feeling rebellious, so we stayed out until almost 7 each night. (that's 9pm central time! which means an even later bedtime!) 

there was someone we talked about a lot while we were away. sure did miss our little guy.

Friday, February 22, 2013

snow day!

as much as i hate the snow, i do love being snowed in with my family.

a solid 12 inches of snowfall fell on kansas city yesterday.

but at 6AM, this threatened snow storm was a mere dusting, and so i headed into work at 7. an hour later, and a whopping 4 inches of snowfall already made truth-tellers out of the weathermen for once, so the clinic closed early, and i headed home. i'm thankful for my 4-wheel-drive, but due to many others on the road without this luxury my 10 minute drive home from work turned into an hour+. 

i was greeted by my very enthusiastic toddler and some of my infamous chocolate chip rolls for breakfast. while it was coming down hard, we built forts, and i started a big pot of chili. and by the way, i've never seen so much of colby in my owen than in this picture below. agree?

the boys and the dogs had already been outside to play in the snow, shovel the driveway (round 1), and sled. but another 8 inches of snow later, it was time to venture back out. the sled was buried and lost in the yard by now, so they geared up for some tackle football. 

and since i'm a wuss when it comes to the snow and being cold, i'm thankful for my snow-loving husband since it has turned out that my son will not be taking after his mother. (kansas city skipped winter last year, so this is his first that he's old enough to appreciate the snow.) there are many reasons why daddy's rock, but building snow forts with [multiple] tunnels has to be in the top 5. 

i made brief cameo appearances long enough to take a couple of pictures, then headed back inside to warm up. after a very long amount of time spent outdoors, i welcomed my guys back indoors with some hot cocoa (with marshmallows, of course) in true snow day fashion. owen confiscated mine long enough to eat my marshmallows before offering it back. stinker. 

we winded down for the evening with hot showers, dry jammies, and a movie before dinner. nap time for owen is quickly becoming a thing of the past, but this usually guarantees an early bedtime.

a snow day is a perfectly good excuse to spend some good quality time with my family without the distractions of the "real world." love my sweet family so much!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Potty Training Bootcamp, Part 2

Some time has gone by since Potty Training Bootcamp, Part 1 concluded. And with school registration for next fall happening this week, we needed to really start prioritizing this potty training business. (It's a requirement to start preschool in the fall.)

So I dove in to another weekend, committed to not leaving the house and spending all of my energy and efforts to make this as successful as possible. We did a lot of painting, as you will see in the pictures provided. As it turns out, painting is the perfect project when clothing is optional for the weekend. :)

Day 1 began naked from the waist down, and that proved to be fairly successful from the get-go. I started by making a mandatory trip to the potty every 20 minutes or so, but since we were playing in the basement, and his potty was upstairs, my pregnant self decided that all of my huffing and puffing from stair climbing was going to do me in before lunchtime. So, I decided to give 'trusting him to tell me' a try. Our reward switched from a graham cracker to M&M's ("aunt ems," as he called them) - and I think those were significantly more exciting. It was usually not until an accident started that he'd speak up, but he did at least let me know.

THEN, some time after lunch, the most amazing thing happened: "Mommy, I have to go potty..."So I squealed and ran us to the restroom where he pushed and peed - then stopped himself midstream out of his own excitement and hopped off to choose a red M&M. We danced and celebrated him telling me AND successfully going. Then 2 minutes later, "Mommy I have to go potty..." and he did again! Over the course of the next 15 minutes, we visit the potty a total of 9 times - each time a success.

So then we had to focus our efforts on getting it all out in one sitting. ;-)

[Day 1, Nekked Painting]

Day 2 was dedicated to getting a layer or two on. So we moved on to underwear. And it didn't go so well. We had numerous accidents in his underwear and pants to the point I was ready to declare Diapers for Life. But fortunately we squeezed in a couple of successes between dinner and bedtime to push me through to Day 3.

[Day 2, Underpants Painting]

Day 3 we were joined by Ella and Ivy, so I wondered how the added distraction of a playmate would play into our training. But it actually went really great this day. He even allowed his cousin Ella to help him during his potty breaks. We never braved pants this day - underwear, only. But it was a step in the right direction, and I felt very pleased with his progress over the course of our weekend.

[Day 3, Underpants Painting w/ Ella - who was wearing a white shirt, so I provided an apron :) ]

Since we didn't leave the house (other than a trip outside on day 2 that resulted in an outfit change), I didn't have confidence in transporting him to school, and trusting him to be in a classroom full of kids with teachers he'd need to communicate his need to potty with after only telling me all weekend. So we sent him in pull-ups to school all week, which didn't lead to any successes at school, but changed him into underwear as soon as we got home at night.

Today, we went to breakfast, to church, to Costco, outside to play, and to the dog park - all in underwear. Only one accident in all of our outings, and it was while he was in Sunday School. So it looks like our next obstacle will be transitioning him from only notifying his mommy and daddy to sharing with others' whose care he might be under while we're not around.

I'm really proud of him, and optimistic we may one day in the near future have a little boy who we can declare as potty-trained. It's a nice thought to have him out of diapers by the time I begin with the next!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

i choo-choose you, valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day!

This super basic train-themed valentine was created using card stock, a train hole punch, rubber stamps, a marker, yarn, and train whistles.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

a 32 month old's vocabulary.

pider: spider
where are ee?: where are you?
call macy to ___ : tell macy to ___
i can't wike chicken: i don't like chicken
bunny hunny: peanut butter and honey
hatty birday: happy birthday
baby iby and baby fias: baby ivy and baby matthias
beg-ee: spaghetti
i not go to fweep: i'm not going to sleep (every night at bedtime moments before he zonks out)
mary mary mary mary, wife in da street: merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream
roof: crust of pizza

I had to put in some phrases in the mix, because, well, most single words by themselves are pronounced correctly. It's the sentences or phrases that still have some work to do. :)

There have been a lot of "I can'ts" in his vocabulary. Whether we're talking about something he "can't" do, or something he "can't" like, it has become a word that makes us cringe. Last week:

M: Alright, bud, let's get our shoes on. We're going to Target!
O: I can't go to Target.
M: And why is that?
O: Cause my tummy hurts cause der's a baby baby inside.

Most words that begin with the letter "S", that sound is omitted from Owen's pronunciation. So while I listed "pider" above, the list goes on and on... He has no problem with the pronunciation of his S's, as there are several words that he uses it perfectly, yet more frequently it's omitted. Ah well, we'll get there. 

As his vocabulary is increasing, so is his ability to assert his many strong opinions. Most parents' response to the phrase "terrible two's" is something like, "just wait 'til three." So while I think the first 8 months of two have been quite manageable, I am a tad bit fearful of what the last few weeks are leading into. 

But at the end of the day, I have a really great kid. He is thoughtful, and really does like to please his mommy and daddy.. most of the time. And his school reports are always stellar. He's funny. Really, really funny. And so full of personality that he keeps us laughing so much. He's my fun-loving, rowdy, and ornery little boy that makes me a proud momma daily. So what is left of two, and what is yet to come with age three - they will not defeat me; there's too much at stake.

Love being your [really tired] momma, little man!