Saturday, February 9, 2013

a 32 month old's vocabulary.

pider: spider
where are ee?: where are you?
call macy to ___ : tell macy to ___
i can't wike chicken: i don't like chicken
bunny hunny: peanut butter and honey
hatty birday: happy birthday
baby iby and baby fias: baby ivy and baby matthias
beg-ee: spaghetti
i not go to fweep: i'm not going to sleep (every night at bedtime moments before he zonks out)
mary mary mary mary, wife in da street: merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream
roof: crust of pizza

I had to put in some phrases in the mix, because, well, most single words by themselves are pronounced correctly. It's the sentences or phrases that still have some work to do. :)

There have been a lot of "I can'ts" in his vocabulary. Whether we're talking about something he "can't" do, or something he "can't" like, it has become a word that makes us cringe. Last week:

M: Alright, bud, let's get our shoes on. We're going to Target!
O: I can't go to Target.
M: And why is that?
O: Cause my tummy hurts cause der's a baby baby inside.

Most words that begin with the letter "S", that sound is omitted from Owen's pronunciation. So while I listed "pider" above, the list goes on and on... He has no problem with the pronunciation of his S's, as there are several words that he uses it perfectly, yet more frequently it's omitted. Ah well, we'll get there. 

As his vocabulary is increasing, so is his ability to assert his many strong opinions. Most parents' response to the phrase "terrible two's" is something like, "just wait 'til three." So while I think the first 8 months of two have been quite manageable, I am a tad bit fearful of what the last few weeks are leading into. 

But at the end of the day, I have a really great kid. He is thoughtful, and really does like to please his mommy and daddy.. most of the time. And his school reports are always stellar. He's funny. Really, really funny. And so full of personality that he keeps us laughing so much. He's my fun-loving, rowdy, and ornery little boy that makes me a proud momma daily. So what is left of two, and what is yet to come with age three - they will not defeat me; there's too much at stake.

Love being your [really tired] momma, little man!

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