Wednesday, February 27, 2013

san diego trip.

colby and i took our first weekend trip together without child since.. we've been with child. owen has done one sleepover with his cousin ella last summer for our anniversary - and that was really special. but this was for an entire weekend. a new experience for all of us.

this time, we headed a little bit further from home for a timely weekend away from the winter weather to sunny san diego while owen had his first sleepover with nana and papa. 

seemed like our schedule revolved around my eating schedule, and eat we did. we ate really well, and there's not much that makes me happier right now. being able to enjoy a meal is not something i've taken for granted these last few months, so reaching this milestone that seems to allow such enjoyment is incredible.

we had beautiful weather. an abundance of sunshine, upper 60's - perfect weather to lose a jacket. or to lie in the sand, soak in some vitamin d rays, and do absolutely nothing for 2 hours.. which just about the length of time i can go without needing to start thinking about eating again.

meanwhile, in kansas city...

we retired early each night. this pregnancy is also responsible for my falling into a routine bedtime between 7:30-8:30 most nights to sleep away the nausea.. so this had an interesting translation for the pacific time zone. i was feeling rebellious, so we stayed out until almost 7 each night. (that's 9pm central time! which means an even later bedtime!) 

there was someone we talked about a lot while we were away. sure did miss our little guy.

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