Friday, February 22, 2013

snow day!

as much as i hate the snow, i do love being snowed in with my family.

a solid 12 inches of snowfall fell on kansas city yesterday.

but at 6AM, this threatened snow storm was a mere dusting, and so i headed into work at 7. an hour later, and a whopping 4 inches of snowfall already made truth-tellers out of the weathermen for once, so the clinic closed early, and i headed home. i'm thankful for my 4-wheel-drive, but due to many others on the road without this luxury my 10 minute drive home from work turned into an hour+. 

i was greeted by my very enthusiastic toddler and some of my infamous chocolate chip rolls for breakfast. while it was coming down hard, we built forts, and i started a big pot of chili. and by the way, i've never seen so much of colby in my owen than in this picture below. agree?

the boys and the dogs had already been outside to play in the snow, shovel the driveway (round 1), and sled. but another 8 inches of snow later, it was time to venture back out. the sled was buried and lost in the yard by now, so they geared up for some tackle football. 

and since i'm a wuss when it comes to the snow and being cold, i'm thankful for my snow-loving husband since it has turned out that my son will not be taking after his mother. (kansas city skipped winter last year, so this is his first that he's old enough to appreciate the snow.) there are many reasons why daddy's rock, but building snow forts with [multiple] tunnels has to be in the top 5. 

i made brief cameo appearances long enough to take a couple of pictures, then headed back inside to warm up. after a very long amount of time spent outdoors, i welcomed my guys back indoors with some hot cocoa (with marshmallows, of course) in true snow day fashion. owen confiscated mine long enough to eat my marshmallows before offering it back. stinker. 

we winded down for the evening with hot showers, dry jammies, and a movie before dinner. nap time for owen is quickly becoming a thing of the past, but this usually guarantees an early bedtime.

a snow day is a perfectly good excuse to spend some good quality time with my family without the distractions of the "real world." love my sweet family so much!

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