Tuesday, March 5, 2013

it's a...

i almost let this big news go unblogged. oops!

last week's snow did bring one piece of good news - two snow days in a row! which meant my husband and owen, neither of which were going to be able to go, were able to meet me at my sonogram appointment for the big gender reveal!

for most of my pregnancy, owen changed his mind between a brother and a sister.. up until about two weeks before this appointment. from that point on, his answer was consistently.. and adamantly BROTHER.

colby has been predicting (and hoping for) a boy from day one.

i had predicted boy most of the way, and not until the last few weeks had i completely settled into wanting that, too. i have joked throughout that the expenses that would come with changing genders made me wish for my husband's sanity (and our bank account) that we go the boy route again. because let's just state the obvious: little girl clothes are way cuter than little boy clothes.

but the truth is that with my serious struggles with pregnancy (which may get a post of its own at a later date, should i feel moved to share..), and the probability that i won't want to endure another, i wanted brothers. i love the little boy that owen is, and i want more. i'm anxious to learn and live into this new dynamic of being the mama to brothers.

so it was to no surprise to any of us, and also very welcomed news that that little baby growing inside my ever-expanding belly was another boy! at the end of the sonogram owen just said, "dat movie was fun." and it most certainly was. :)

can't wait to meet you, little brother!

(and cheers to being halfway there.)

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