Monday, April 1, 2013


it was a really, really fun season for our indiana hoosiers. their basketball team, that is. football season is seldom exciting or noteworthy, though colby would beg to differ. but oh, my heart sings when indiana basketball is thriving.

they were ranked #1 going into basketball season, and dropping back numerous times, and landing back on top a handful of other times, thanks to a crazy year for the #1's kept us on our toes. owen even took some interest in the games by showing us which team member was him, and then would root for "himself." 

we were disappointed to see such a promising season end too soon with a loss in the sweet 16 to syracuse, but this year will definitely go down as my favorite hoosier team to watch to date. what can i say - i'm smitten over victor oladipo.

proud to be a hoosier, and love sharing that love with my other half!

(a throwback from college)

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Very well put! It sure was a fun season. -- Kendra