Sunday, April 14, 2013

our indiana weekend.

last weekend, owen and i embarked on our final 'just the two of us' trip to indiana together. this was his final visit to grandma and grandpa's without the need to share their undivided attention with a baby brother.

i am never able to tell who enjoys who's company more - grandma or owen. :)

we had unusually nice weather for our springtime visit. it seems it's usually cold and/or flooded & rainy when we go back this time of year, so it was a pleasant surprise to have sunshine and dry ground.

a couple of months ago, one of their sheep had triplets(!), so we were able to feed the babies with bottles this time. owen has become a bit more timid of the sheep as he's gotten older, but really enjoyed the little ones.

of course, no trip to indiana is complete without a trip to pizza king. it became extra special with one of my very best friends from junior high and her daughter joining us. i held riley in the hospital a day after she was born at 4 lbs! it's hard to believe how much she's grown.

one of our most anticipated activities planned during this visit was a trip to the indianapolis children's museum. after paying a visit to kansas city's children's museum, i was a bit disappointed by comparison to the one i'd grown up visiting with my grandparents.

as it turns out, i was just fortunate to live so close to indy's. after some internet research, i quickly found that the indy museum is ranked top 10 - and quite often ranked 1st - in the country for children's museums.

it really is an incredible museum. there are 5 or 6 levels, and each with so much to see. we didn't get to see everything; there's more than an almost-3-year-old can squeeze in during one visit.

they had a temporary super hero exhibit in town during our visit - perfect timing for my super hero lovin' little guy.

there were some ladies who made my visit extra sweet. always love getting to see my hometown loves.

grandma is a really good playmate.

we attended a birthday party for norah and liam - who both are turning 2! loved having all of the kids together to give owen a chance to play with his cousins that he doesn't get a chance to see very often. 

owen loved spending time outdoors. grandma and grandpa's outside space trumps ours. big time.

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