Monday, April 1, 2013

spring break.

bear with me while i am still trying to catch up with a few things i had planned to blog about in march. in addition to easter and march madness, we also had a couple of boys who had a week off of school for spring break.

last year, spring break looked like summer.
this year, spring break looked like winter.
and that's pretty typical of march.

so while i wasn't the least bit pleased with yet another 10 inches of snow, i wasn't at all surprised, either.

but there were a couple of housemates of mine who didn't mind one [hopefully] final opportunity to get out and play in it.

but i couldn't let dad have all the fun. i had the unusual opportunity to have a day off with just owen, so i took he and his cousin, nathan, to owen's first movie. the two of them were all sorts of silly together while waiting in line for popcorn, but were superstars during the movie. we loved having nate along for the fun!

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