Sunday, April 28, 2013


let's take a moment to talk about superheroes.

and how they rock way more than barbies and princesses.

and how my world revolves around captain america, spiderman, the flash, batman, superman, & green lantern.

the number of superhero shirts and PJ's that are in owen's wardrobe is a little bit silly.

my husband has always been a big superman fan, with aquaman a close second. this was very evident even in my first few weeks of meeting him. he pushed for a superman themed nursery when i was pregnant with owen. so this superhero love is certainly doing his daddy proud. (though, he tends to show more favor to captain america, spiderman, and batman - depending on the day - over daddy's beloved superman.)

living in this boy world has really tickled me. and the superhero phase that we are currently amidst is a really fun one.

you know you might have some exposure to superheroes when our flashlight's have now been shortened to a "flash," and american flags have been lengthened to a "captain america flag" by our almost-3-year-old.

as always, it's "super" fun to be your mom!

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Leslee Dummermuth said...

i would just like to point out that this year is the first year since owen was born that i am NOT giving him a superhero shirt for his birthday and it is KILLING me! of course, our gift is still superhero related though...i can't just go cold turkey! ;)