Sunday, May 26, 2013

owen, lately. [3 year old edition]

we're just a couple of days away from owen's 3rd birthday. here's just a glimpse into what life looks like for us now, complete with an owen photo bomb. :)

he sleeps in a big boy twin bed, and does so like a rockstar. but, if bedtime has come too soon (a late or long nap is usually responsible), we get frequent visits outside of his room for a long list of ridiculous excuses that he needs to communicate to us. such as the need to show me where his spine is located? great! GO TO BED.

we make "the best lemonade ever" together, and he asks for it by that very name.

one day he likes the crust of his bread, the next he does not. the same goes for nearly every food. except for chicken. he never likes chicken. a bite of chicken takes approximately 3,942 minutes to chew & swallow.

we've given up naps at home, though he often takes them at school. i think we may become reacquainted this summer with the arrival of pool season. sun + swimming wears a boy out!

"girl cooking," aka pioneer woman (a cooking show on food network) is his most favorite television show. over any cartoon. and movie!

everything is superior when red in color. like shoes. and cars. and straws. it's just the fact of the matter.

superheroes rule. but, we've covered that already.

crocs, though i swore i'd never particpate in that market have become a beloved staple in his wardrobe. the best part? he can put them on by himself. (correct feet optional.) oh, and they're red.

he loves to play cars, and loves to play superheroes. he'd also prefer to do these things with a playmate, when available. we have awhile yet, but i can't wait for his brother to fill that role.

he loves to give my belly/his baby brother kisses. he spent a good 30 minutes one evening taking me from room to room while he would show his baby brother how he rides his scooter, while also teaching him that you don't crash into walls, how to play basketball, and came and rubbed my belly telling him not to be "cary" aka scared of the loud noise that comes from the vacuum. all with such sweet sincerity. i giggled (secretly) at the silliness and was completely in awe of him all at once.

he sings loud, and sings often. anything from his ABC's to his most recent favorite: tim mcgraw's "fly away."

he now is the host of a baby inside of his belly, too, which kicks and moves like the baby in mine. and he's not shy to show ya.

he's officially potty-trained through the night, too. bye-bye pull ups!

he is ornery and naughty and sweet and thoughtful. and really funny, too.

he loves riding his scooter. it's our most common mode of transportation for walks to the park.

marshmallows and chocolate chips are his favorite dessert. over ice cream or cupcakes or candy. and they are treated with very little self control.

he loves water. any excuse to play in water. sink, hose, pools. just don't wash his hair with it. that's usually devastating.

he has learned to draw the letter "o," also known as a circle, and draws them everywhere. our neighbors' driveways and the sidewalk path to our mailbox have also been christened with his favorite letter.

life is fun at almost three!

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