Wednesday, May 1, 2013

welcome to trimester 3.

[photo credit to shelly johnson of your family story photography - one of my best friends from high school was so sweet to have taken a few pictures for me during my visit to indiana last month. it was taken at week 25.]


last weekend, i welcomed the arrival of my final trimester of pregnancy with open arms. (wide open.) 

for the last 10 weeks, i have felt relatively well: with very little nausea, occasional leg/foot cramps (a new pregnancy symptom for me), a few occurrences of heartburn, some mild back pain, and the continued potty break interruptions to my sleep. and speaking of sleep, as an otherwise stomach sleeper, the adjustment to sleeping on my sides has been difficult, once again. and my growing belly adds to the difficulty of finding a comfortable position to sleep. not to mention, about twice a night this baby boy decides to have a dance party in my belly, which often becomes so violent that it wakes me. shouldn't this be my time to be getting all of the sleep i can?

but all of these symptoms combined will never hold a candle to the way i felt during my first trimester (and beyond). i'm incredibly thankful to be past that, but i've also resigned to the fact that being pregnant is not "my thing." even during the "honeymoon" phase of pregnancy when i'm feeling my best. my husband would agree. ;-) 

so, bring on my final trimester. and could we step on the gas a bit? i'm anxious to meet our new baby!

oh, and as a "happy trimester 3" gift to me, i went over my lunch break to buy a new diaper bag that i'd been eying for some time now. don't we love it? oh, happy day!

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Yay for trimester 3! I have thought about you several times over the past couple of months. As miserable as I felt, I felt worse for you having to go through it for so long. So glad you're feeling better :) Love the diaper bag too, I've heard great things about it!