Sunday, June 23, 2013

a big blast of recently.

we have had a whirlwind few weeks at the dischinger house, and i'm still recovering.

between owen's birthday, the beginning of colby's new summer job, my mom's visit, owen's birthday party, my birthday, my baby "sprinkle," niece & nephew ball games, father's day, getting the nursery set up, and my husband's out of town wedding weekend.. i'm hoping the next stretch we're able to slow down a bit as a family before the baby arrives.

doggie braces, perhaps? 

my bathtime cutie.

this was taken on my birthday at our final stop for some frozen custard. love my sweet family.

among other indulgences on my birthday, homemade crepes - complete with homemade custard sauce & homemade whipped cream - ohsogood.

we've tried to make it to a few of my nieces' and nephew's ball games lately. i can't say the games keep owen's attention, but he enjoys the company of his cousins while attending.

colby & owen went to a strawberry patch a couple of weeks ago and came home with gobs of amazing strawberries. aside from eating them fresh, i made a strawberry rhubarb pie with some rhubarb i'd picked up at the farmers market. colby declared it the best pie he's ever eaten. paired with some homemade ice cream, i may have to agree.

a hot summer weekend, and dad was out of town. seemed like a waste of my precious energy to clothe him for an evening of bubbles on the porch. 

while my mom was in town, we had ourselves some outdoor adventures. one of them being owen's first fishing experience at deanna rose farmstead. as you can imagine by his pole being under water, no fish were caught, but i did surprise myself by baiting all of hooks with worms. (something i haven't done in many, many years.)

best dog pillow ever? 

i held him for far longer than i otherwise would if he'd have been awake, but with his days as the "baby" being numbered, i sure didn't mind my sweet boy cuddled in and sleeping on me. 

now that summer is finally shaping up to be hot, the pools have warmed up. pretty sure this is where the  majority of our summer days will be spent!

summer + sprinklers. 

we had the cutest little father's day ice cream gathering with family. YUM.

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