Sunday, June 30, 2013

full term.

as of this past weekend, i'm 37 weeks. that's FULL TERM. and this could possibly be my last pregnancy post. ever. (ever?!)

i'm happy to have made it here. but let's be honest, my feelings wouldn't be hurt if baby boy wanted to make his debut early.

except for the fact that i booked a flight based on my due date/maternity leave at a crazy good deal that would need to be changed (and a hefty price difference paid) if he came early. but with children, you learn that you roll with the punches.

oh, and my suitcase still needs to be packed. but since i refuse to buy more summer maternity gear, i have a limited wardrobe that i'm still using, and will need to pack whatever is clean at the last minute. (because if this goes anything like my last pregnancy, i will leave the hospital not only with my baby boy, but also with the body of a 4 month pregnant me.)

aaand, my doctor is on vacation. to be fair, though, she didn't actually deliver owen. it was memorial day weekend, and by the end of her shift owen still hadn't arrived, so she was off to the lake. i fully trust the rest of their amazing doctors within the practice that are on-call during her vacation. so, minor detail, right?

for the above three details that say "wait," i've got three to counter with "let's go!"

the nursery is ready. (will share some pictures of that sometime soon! ish.)
we've completed the necessary paperwork for hospital admission.
owen's suitcase is packed for a stay with nana & papa.

mmmm, one more.

i'm ready. i'm ready to hold my baby boy in my arms. to kiss him, to cuddle him, to show him off to the world. i'm ready to watch his daddy hold him, and instantly become the proudest daddy in the world. i'm ready to introduce him to his really amazing big brother who just stated tonight, "mommy? i wish the doctor would get him out of your tummy now." we're all so anxious to meet our new little buddy.

but i'm hanging in there. if 41 weeks is right for him, it's right for me. but don't assume i won't groan a little bit along the way.

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