Saturday, June 15, 2013

owen's captain america birthday party.

we had a captain america themed birthday party for my little superhero. i've scaled back a little bit each consecutive year with the amount of crafting i put into the parties - this year mostly due to my dwindling energy levels. aside from decorating his cake, the only crafty work i took on was the comic book bunting. 

(in the above collage, the 2 images on the bottom right can be credited to sarah marie. i'm thankful for her attendance with a camera in hand to get a few pictures while i'm able to fully enjoy the party.)

owen was so proud of his cake. the boy loves him some icing, but not so much the cake. it was everything we could do to keep his fingers out of it before the party.

i did somehow miraculously collect all of the kids into one location and [mostly] looking in one direction with their masks on long enough to take a few pictures to document it.

he had a great party. for us, year 3 was the first year that he was genuinely excited about it. we spent weeks talking about who was going to be there, what kind of cake we were going to have, and how there were going to be super hero masks. and now that it has passed, well, we still talk about who was there, and also about his bubble machines and his cake. 

happy birthday, owen!

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