Thursday, June 6, 2013

strangers & pregnant women.

(above image taken today at 33.5 weeks)

filters? boundaries? the human species seems to be lacking in both.

how about the lady who decided it was her duty to talk to me about the importance of not overgaining (weight) during pregnancy... while i was eating ice cream?

or the one who asked me how much weight i've gained?

or the guy standing at the front desk when i stood up looked at me and said "oh my GOD!"

or the receptionist at the dentist office who informed me i wasn't going make it until my july due date?

i'm not easily offended. it's more that it still somehow surprises me when things like these are said, and i'm often left speechless. and, actually, the ever-growing list of things that have been said to me during my pregnancies is quite humorous. and i know i'm not alone. a pregnant belly will always be an open invitation to strangers to strike up a conversation. or, my favorite, come in for a belly rub.

i think one of the things about pregnancy that i don't love is the attention it draws to myself. it's not that i mind talking about it, but i'd prefer to talk about it on my own terms. or, at least, in detail relative to the relationship i have with you. if i've given you your initial evaluation paperwork to fill out, and checked you in for another appointment or two at my workplace, i don't feel that providing you with my weight gain figures is necessarily appropriate. (though, if you are my close friend or family member, i will dish you the numbers pound-for-pound when i think i'm on track to become the size of a whale!)  

for the record, though, i have come across some incredibly kind and respectful people, too. some empathetic women who can commiserate with my complaints about pregnancy.

but can i tell you how i do feel about teeny tiny baby boys? as much as i don't like this temporary state, i was completely smitten with my owen. i'm BEYOND excited to meet this baby boy i'm growing!

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