Saturday, July 13, 2013

baseball and swimming.

we're halfway through the summer, and i have to say, it's been great to have so much time with our owen.

for owen, summer has mainly consisted of two things: baseball & swimming. and he's made incredible progress with both.

owen's new balls, bat, and tee that he received from us for his birthday have been quite successful this summer. he loves to play so much. and his daddy loves to play with him. the time that i decided to get out there to play with him turned out to be a bit dramatic on my end when i inadvertently "slid" into third base after hitting a home run. (as it turns out, that big belly i've been sporting throws my equilibrium off a bit.)

below are a couple of videos of his hitting. the first was taken about a month ago, and the second video just this past week. he really loves it. but if you ask him if he's going to play baseball when he gets older, he says no. the answer is always soccer. we never play soccer. but it makes perfect sense to him.

the pools have stayed unseasonably cool up until the last couple of weeks due to the most mild of summers i've experienced since living here. and my skinny little boy is quite sensitive to the cold. but for the few times the pools have been warmer, he rocks in the water.

the first of the videos below is not a good quality, as it's second hand from nana, but it's the best we have on video of his swim strokes. the second video is a better representation of the way he normally swims, which shows so much improvement from last year!

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