Thursday, July 18, 2013

pool manager.

colby began his summer job as a pool manager at a local country club this past may. although he was looking forward to his summer off (oh, the perks of being a teacher!), i felt this was a blessing that fell right in our laps at a perfect time with the upcoming blow to our budget that consists of the following: 1. a 3 month maternity leave, 2. childbirth hospital bills, 3. the end of family-share childcare era + the beginning of full-time daycare and preschool for two kids. ouch.

the hours can be long, and the demands surprisingly high, but overall it has been a great summer job. he is in complete control of his own schedule, which has made it doable in terms of childcare for owen. he is manager to a group of high school and college-aged lifeguards - a group that he gets along very well with. he is excellent at "putting out fires" as a teacher who has dealt with a whole host of issues with parents of students during the school year. plus, i've married a man who likes (to put it lightly) clean and neat. the country club owners benefit greatly from this.

meanwhile, his 2 days off each week are days that i'm working which means he gets daddy & owen time for two full days. both boys love it so much.

he was quite skeptical from the beginning, and has certainly had some not-so-great days.. but i think the big picture paints itself well, and he intends to be back next summer.

besides, it gets us free entrance to the pool there, and we've spent many of our weekends visiting dad at work and swimming in his pool, which is way bigger than our neighborhood pool.

so thankful to this summer job opportunity, and to my husband for embracing it! :)

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