Monday, July 15, 2013

the home stretch.

39 weeks has come and gone, and my belly still houses a human.

but it's getting close, ya'll.

(taken at 38 weeks)

i've reached the point that i can't make a phone call home without starting off with "hi, i'm not in labor." 

my girl, sarah, treated me to a deliciously wonderful spa pedicure this past weekend. owen put in a request for blue toes before i left, and well.. only children often get their way. ;-) then afterwards, a frozen yogurt treat hit the spot on a hot summer's afternoon.

and here's what's fresh:
  • my appetite is weaning - unless it's ice cream - something i don't remember fading with my first pregnancy. but that could also be due to the fact that it's mid-july, and quite toasty.
  • i've woken up feeling quite nauseous for the past several days, and it takes most of the morning to get through.
  • hourly trips to the bathroom begin about 1-2AM, then become every half hour in the 4AM hour.
  • if it's on the floor, i'm not getting it. house rule.
  • contractions are quite the frequent visitor, but they remain sporadic, thus no trips to the hospital. 
  • my stomach is heavy. it's a constant state of discomfort. standing, sitting, laying.
  • i'm exhausted most of the time, with some really great days mixed in. 
  • this baby is active. owen was by no means inactive, but this is borderline out of control. excuse the bare skin, and watch this video below (if it doesn't completely creep you out):

hopefully i'll be posting very soon to introduce owen's baby brother! 

1 comment: said...

Oh my goodness! Kenley was active, but you've got one crazy little boy in there. Thinking of you, you're so close! :) xoxo Kendra