Friday, August 9, 2013

brooks' airplane nursery.

as promised, i finally snapped some pictures of the completed nursery. i jumped between nautical, superhero, and airplane themes as i gathered inspiration via pinterest. i finally settled on an airplane theme, and have pushed the superhero theme to owen's new room.

you can see my pinterest board here with nursery inspiration, which includes links to websites where bedding, wall art, boppy cover, area rug, and my diaper bag were purchased from.

there is one blank wall which i'm reserving for a couple of newborn canvas prints, but otherwise, it's complete!



Meghan Kazanecki said...

Where did you buy the airplane prints? I wasn't able to find a seller on your pinterest page.

Meg said...

Meghan - We ordered them from this shop & LOVE them!

This pin will also take you to the link from my pinterest board:

Sarah H said...

So cute! Where did you find the airplanes to hang? How big are they? I'm not even sure what search term to use for ebay or google .. Model planes? Thanks so much!!

Meg said...

Sarah - I picked these up from our local Hobby Lobby (which fell under a 50% sale at the time!) for less than $30 for the pair. (They had 4-5 different options at the time.. they were located near frames/vases/and other display-type decor. They are approximately 1-2 feet long, and quite light, so they hung easily using a sturdy fishing line from a couple of points. Good luck!

amy black said...

I have been searching for the airplane bedding, where did you get it?

Jessica said...

I love the airplane prints. What size did you order? What size are the frames? And the mats? I tried to do it, but mine were a disaster! :( I would so appreciate your help in letting me know the sizes. Thank you!