Friday, August 16, 2013

on being a big brother.

one of my favorite moments during my hospital stay was when owen joined the three of us in the delivery room to meet his new baby brother. he was the sweetest. he was so tender. he touched him so gently, and kissed him on the forehead. the first of many kisses brooks would be receiving from his big brother. he introduced himself, and also introduced brooks to his mommy and daddy. then, he found his feet, and showed them to me, "look at these sweet little piggies, mommy." that boy knows me well. 

we're home now. three weeks have gone by in our new world, and here's what i've learned: owen loves to kiss his baby brother. brooks can pretty much count on a smooch being layed on him by his big brother as long as they are in the same room., which is often since owen likes the company. 

owen is crazy proud of his brother. he loves to tell people that he came out of my tummy. he will often refer to him as "my baby" or "sweet Brooks" and was the first to use the nickname "Brooksy," which has stuck for all of us. he likes to give us updates on his brother's happenings in the backseat when we're driving. ("his eyes are open," "he's starting to cry," "he's looking out the window, " etc.) he is helpful in fetching burp cloths and pacifiers which are seemingly always out of reach. he loves to have brooks as his audience as he shows him how he jumps from his bed, races his scooter through the house, or writes his name in chalk. he talks to him so sweetly. he shows genuine concern when he cries, and we often will hear him singing a made up lullaby to try to soothe him. i'm so proud of the way he loves his brother.

i'm thankful, however, that we have survived these 3 weeks. with colby back to school, and still working at the pool through labor day combined with the time-consuming demands of a newborn that have left me quite stationary.. i have a 3-year-old who is becoming increasingly bored at home. and increasingly three. school starts on monday for my little guy, though. while it's sad to see summer coming to a close for everyone, i'm confident this will be the outlet he needs and a big year for our growing boy.

here's a video from a few months ago. if you'll recall, owen also was carrying a baby in his belly during my pregnancy. with the same name, even. it makes me giggle a lot. :)

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