Wednesday, September 25, 2013

some visitors.

i had some special visitors this past weekend. 3 of my best high school girlfriends left their families behind to spend the weekend in kansas city with mine. it had been 5 years since a couple of them had last visited, and a first time for another.

i was so thrilled to get to share my little brooks with them. and as it turns out, a couple of my visitors were pregnant themselves. it is such a sweet stage in life to see my best friends as mommies and to love each others' babies [from afar].

it was also so fun to spend an evening out [sans children] at the art fair for some girls time. (and it must be noted that my husband rocked as dad on duty that night!) the plaza art fair was deemed one of my favorite weekends in kansas city a few years ago, and it certainly didn't hurt to have these girls here to enjoy with me!

since i missed my high school 10 year reunion this past summer (it was the weekend of my due date), they filled me in while we perused through high school yearbooks for a little then and now reflection. we happened upon this beauty from sophomore year.

so thankful for the friendships that began in 2nd, 4th, and 9th grades. loved having my girls spend the weekend with me in kc!

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