Wednesday, October 16, 2013

a trip to indiana.

i wanted to share more about my trip to indiana. or mostly just share more pictures.

as i did with maternity leave numero uno, i booked a week long visit to indiana at the tail end of my leave to spend time with my family. and show off my baby.

i flew out with the two boys by myself for the trip out, then colby joined us later in the week and was there for an extra set of hands for our trip back.

we had an incredible week. it was relatively uneventful, and absolutely perfect. we had some visitors come in and out to meet brooks, and i made a couple of outings with my friends. our big event was a night away and trip to bloomington to see an iu football game for the first time in a few years. loved our mini getaway to a town we are both so fond of.

here's my vacation [iphone] photo bomb below. (and here's my vacation [good camera] photo bomb on my photography blog.)


helping grandma hang the clothes on the line.

a foggy morn.

 owen got to drive the lawnmower.

my bff, and her sweet henry. 

 another one of my bff's two sweet boys. owen, colton, and layton were pals immediately!

grandma and grandpa were smitten with their boys.

we hit up anderson's new 'food truck thursdays' - all 3 trucks worth. and 1 wasn't even a truck - it was a tent.

uncle derek plays super cool games on the computer. owen was fascinated.

october is the time of the year that the corn fields come down, and you can finally see cross-traffic at stop signs. owen loved seeing the tractors.

we cheered our hoosiers on to a historic victory over penn state. stylish ponchos and all.

a sad, sad day. my laptop took a tumble from a high table for a mere $549 repair fee.

sunsets galore. love being able to see the horizon for an unobstructed sunset.

grandpa and o.

this is a smiley baby. :)

possibly my favorite night of our trip. we had a bonfire. the sunset was gorg. owen roasted marshmallows for the first time. a perfect october eve. such nostalgia.

a slightly different view on my morning runs in indiana.

of course we got in some time with the sheep.

i spy a neck! love that sweet little boy.

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