Thursday, October 17, 2013

back to work.

i had the most perfect day soaking up this sweet sunshine.

but oh baby, i sure don't want to leave you.

i want to sit here and hold you, and never put you down in a desperate attempt to make time stand still. you're going to grow and change so much in these upcoming months as we're adjusting to the busy life of two working parents, our boys in two different places during the day, and daddy's swim season beginning. and what i'm most afraid of is this time slipping right through my fingers, missing these gradual changes, because we'll be so focused on "getting by" until a slower season of life comes along. (because those do come along, right?)

forgive me in these next few months as we adjust. i know you will. little boys love their mommas, and you are no exception. we'll find our rhythm.

as i enter back into the working world tomorrow morning, i'll think of you often, and will miss you all day long. thanks for making these last 12 weeks of leave so enjoyable.. and so hard to say goodbye to!

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