Sunday, October 20, 2013

introducing.. my weekend in photos.

i've gone back to work. and i'm making it a 5 day work week instead of 4 this time around. i anticipate life to be busy.. and for my blogging to fall behind, sooooo..

i'm adopting a series from my friend kendra called "my weekend in photos." 

i think (i hope) i'll be setting myself up to be successful in keeping this space fairly current by sharing photos from our weekends each week. not a lot of thought need go into these posts, so i'm hoping i can manage to keep up with this to fill in some anticipated gaps in my blogging. 


i kicked off my weekend with my first day back to work, followed by more work at the kc marathon expo representing some sport + spine for the event. i'm thankful to be returning to work with some amazing coworkers that i've missed while i've been gone. 

we spent our saturday morning downtown rooting on my brother-in-law who completed his first marathon! so amazing.

and my saturday afternoon snuggling.

after church on sunday, we headed south to make our annual visit to the louisburg cider mill.

the boys enjoyed them some fresh apple cider and donuts.

i had a family photo session this weekend in a new spot. who knew we had waterfalls? 

 and because i have a problem, more of this happened.

i'm gearing up for my first full week back to work, brooks's first day(s) of daycare. wish me luck!


Kendra G. said...

I'm so excited you're starting this series! You will love it. Even if it's just a few photos a weekend, it's fun. I keep meaning to tell you too that I have made your famous oatmeal for two of my friends and got rave reviews. I can't wait to make a few batches for my maternity leave. It's so yummy!

Leslee Dummermuth said...

that brother-in-law of yours sure is cute!