Tuesday, November 26, 2013

my boys.

luh-luh-love being a mama of boys. i can't tell you how many people assumed we would want a girl for baby #2, or  when finding out that it was a boy would say something like, "well now you're going to have to go for a third to get that girl!' i liked to throw people off with a response like, "if i'm going for a third, it's for another boy!" after one boy, i was hooked. and with my two little boys, i'm just smitten. but i'm going to put this out there: i couldn't do it without the man i married beside me.

he plays such an important part in our family, and i'm thankful for the dad he is. the way he loves them. the way he radiates pride for them. how he steps in when i need to step away. how getting outside to play tackle football or build snow forts is as fun for him as it is for owen. 

that my boys have someone to learn the art of peeing standing up from. (though, honey, owen's skills could use some fine tuning..) that saturday morning donut dates are for boys only. 

that he is an example of a hard working family man. that not only does he love his sons, but he loves his sons' momma. 
and we all love him back. 

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