Tuesday, November 19, 2013

my weekend in photos.

my excuses are endless. this week? left my phone (which is the source of my photos) at a friend's house sunday night, which makes this post a bit difficult otherwise.

no pictures for proof, but on friday night colby and i went out with one of my college friends and her husband (also a hoosier!) for a long overdue double date.. and i ordered beer. say what? i should clarify that it was a grapefruit beer that to beer drinkers is hardly beer and tastes more like a fresca.. but it's beer, nonetheless.

we picked up our littlest from nana and papa's, and left owen behind for a sleepover with his cousins. i assisted in transporting the crew on saturday to the new dino museum & then out for lunch at freddy's.

i squeezed in a quick trip to pick up a couple of christmas gift items, then hung low with the fam for the remainder of our saturday. we made a trip to the park and then the boys did some work out in the yard on a mild november day.

these boys rock my world.

for the first time since living in kansas city, the chiefs have had a good run. so the 9-0 chiefs hit the road to face their rivals in denver and my former colts quarterback peyton manning.. and colby, the boys, and i headed to our friends for some chili, SNF, and these. (made by yours truly!)

we had a good weekend and enjoyed getting in some quality time with friends. 

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