Monday, November 11, 2013

my weekend[s] in photos.

don't be mad.

i took my computer back to the apple store on halloween night, and it wasn't returned until friday. and THEN i left my power cord at work. and THEN our garage door spring broke, so my plans to fetch it were grounded.

but i'm back. here are my previous weekends in photos:

this first weekend was pretty low-key. a dinner out, and a little photo shoot, but mostly kept close to home since owen still wasn't feeling 100% from his week home sick from school. i didn't get any tree photos, but i'm convinced that weekend was the prettiest i had seen fall in kansas city to date.

a friday night family date for some mexican.

i mean, c'mon.. is he not the cutest baby ever?

just because he was so cute from the back, too.

feeling like my 3-year-old is looking more and more like a little boy every day.


this past weekend was likely the last of our beautiful kansas city fall weekends with threats of snow flurries on tuesday. we spent a lot of time outdoors soaking up the beautiful weather. we were landlocked on saturday with a broken garage door, then had a jam-packed sunday.

owen and i layed in our front yard and watched these balloons.

 i got out for my longest postpartum run to date - 3 miles. fall made it easy on me.

since our porch furniture arrived at the end of our outdoor weather season, these 3 took full advantage of the nice weather.

he and this elephant have become great friends.

 brooksy in the hood!

 sunday was a beautiful day for a photoshoot.

 fall is for football.

now that i have my computer back, i hope to be a bit more consistent with my posts. wish me luck with that endeavor! ;-)