Wednesday, November 13, 2013

owen's "new" room.

last march, over colby's spring break, we decided to clean out our spare bedroom to clear the way for owen to move into that room, and leave his old bedroom as the nursery for the upcoming addition. we had already begun planning for the transition by asking for some of these pieces to be gifted to him at christmas.

but with everything left at a standstill for a few months, i made it my goal to finally complete this room over my maternity leave, and i'm proud to say that i did just that.

the first major change [aside from being in a different bedroom] was switching to a twin sized bed from his toddler bed, which we were converting back into a crib. he was a rockstar. it didn't phase him in the least, and we never had any problems with him rolling out of bed.

luckily for the timeliness of this post, owen still refers to his bedroom as his "new room." and often, anytime we get a visitor, he offers to show them his "new room." even if they've already been given the tour. and even if they've been given the tour each of their previous 10 visits. but i love that about him - how long it takes for the appeal of "new" to wear off.

we love spending time in his room each night before bed. it's so spacious, yet so cozy. it's so perfectly owen. and he truly loves it. truly.

Cute superhero art prints | Loopzart on etsy
Brother vs Superhero wall art | hoosieratheart (by me!) on etsy
Comic strip bunting | made by me (inspired by pinterest), purchased cheap comic books from ebay
Twin bedding | Urban Outfitters
wall color: Gray Matters SW7066 | Sherwin Williams
pictures of brothers canvas art | made by me, painted the edge of 2 blank canvases, then used spray adhesive to adhere prints to the canvas to match the brother vs. superhero wall art.
area rug | from Rugs USA
star decals on wall | urban walls on etsy

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