Saturday, December 21, 2013

christmas traditions: baking christmas cookies

a tradition from my own family, much like that of most families during the holiday season: baking christmas cookies.

i loved baking cookies with my mom. snicker doodles, sugar cookies, chocolate chip, mexican wedding cake cookies, peanut butter candy cookies, and so on. my mom baked by the dozens, and i loved being a part of it - whether rolling balls of dough in a cinnamon and sugar mixture, measuring out ingredients, or icing and decorating the cookies, i loved it all. every surface in our kitchen would be covered in newspaper, soon to be covered in various types of cooling cookies.

i remember one year that my brother and i were up in the evening making cookies with my mom. someone was tired and acting fussy, so my mom decided it was time to send us both to bed. devastated, i obeyed, but it was not much longer after lights went out that my bedroom door cracked open: it was my mom inviting me back downstairs to finish, while my grouchy brother was left to sleep. it was such a special treat in my little mind, and a memory i carry with me to this day.

sugar cookies, though not my favorite, are a staple at christmas - especially with little helpers around. this year we used a recipe found on pinterest - both for the cookies and icing. the gel-like icing is unlike what we used growing up, but it does dry nicely which is helpful for little fingers.

below are some of our masterpieces from this year. not much traditional took place. one day, i'll invest in some christmas-themed cookies cutters. until then, i'm just going to embrace my not-so-traditional christmas cookies (and the memory of creating them together) made my my family.

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