Wednesday, December 25, 2013

christmas traditions: ornaments.. of a different kind.

first of all, merry christmas. i'll post more about our family's christmas another day, but wanted to share one more christmas tradition.

this one came to be a few years back. it can be filed under the new category, as it is new to me, and new to colby's family as well. i think it is somehow tied to my previously blogged ornament tradition that took a sour turn once the kids were grown. they picked hideous ornaments, and then someone picked this one.

 and somewhere along the way, it found a mate.

and i can't really be sure of their origins because it's a subject that we don't speak of much while "in-season."

so the tradition is this: in a very secretive way, it finds its way from house to house amongst my in-laws. you can find the "sugar plum" pair hanging from a tree in your front yard, from the framing of your new home under construction, in the trunk of your car, or wherever one can place it without being noticed before they slip out of sight. it then stays with whomever's possession it is in on christmas day until next holiday season.

(yep, there's snow on the ground, and that's my child outdoors without a shirt. and actually, without pants too..)

some traditions can be nostalgic and meaningful. others.. you lean into, and embrace the wacky family you married into. ;-) here's to not being responsible for storing them for the next 11 months. merry christmas!

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