Saturday, December 7, 2013

christmas traditions: ornaments

i'm going to spend the month of december sharing a few of our family's holiday traditions.

the first i'll be sharing is on ornaments. as children, my husband and his siblings each picked out an ornament for their christmas tree. colby and i decided to continue this in our family once we were married. we each picked out an ornament for our tree, then also got a family ornament.

unfortunately a few unnoticed ornaments from years past have fallen victim to tree heaven when we have taken our trees to be recycled after christmas. we decided to adjust this tradition a bit this christmas, now having two children - each of the boys will get an ornament, then we'll have one family ornament - usually a photo ornament from our family christmas card.

below are this year's choices - a good representation of each of our boys this year.

one of my favorite ornaments to date is our first "family" ornament from colby and i's first christmas together. bowling shoes - which represent the way we met - at IU's campus bowling alley my freshman year in college. <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">

looking forward to continuing traditions, adapting traditions, and beginning new ones with my sweet little family over the years. merry december to you!

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