Sunday, December 8, 2013

my weekend in photos.

we had an unusually cold, and unusually social weekend here in kc. on friday night we went out for a good friend's 30th birthday. because we're now in the stage of life. (what?)

a napping babe, a husband at a swim meet, and my oldest at a gingerbread house-making party with his cousins at nana and papa's = a wrapping party for me! i officially have every gift in my possession wrapped and either under the tree or in hiding. and all of that accounts for about 90% of my christmas shopping, which i'm pretty proud of. 

we had dinner with the newest kc hoosiers on saturday eve, church and costco on sunday morning & an afternoon and evening spent at home as a family. 

taking a break from mopping the floors to scold macy.

 we had our first "snow," though it was only a dusting. love this time of year being in our warm and cozy home with our lit christmas tree, our FOUR stockings hung over our fireplace, sipping on hot cocoa with my boys. (well, brooks had milk.)

delicious footsie!

and thumb, which we find in his mouth all the time now. not so much a thumb sucker, per se.. just enjoys gumming it. :)

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Leslee Dummermuth said...

i was so excited when he had his thumb in his mouth the other day...colby just HAD to have a thumb sucker!!