Sunday, December 22, 2013

my weekend in photos.

can't believe we're in the final days leading to christmas. we're in the spirit, that's for sure. this christmas is bound to be the best yet for owen - we're really excited to experience that with him.

baby, it's cold outside.

he's been working hard on this sitting business. but then he looks up. or smiles. and topples on over. 

 i gladly welcomed (ya hear that? gladly.) our first snowfall to the metro area. just in time for christmas!

so, we stuck close to home and made chocolate chip waffles.

and in no time at all, colby and owen were out in it.

 our wee little family went out for dinner at the plaza this evening - quite the perfect end to my evening.

 also, we made christmas cookies. the "snowflakes" give our hoosier cookies a festive spin, no?