Wednesday, December 18, 2013

owen's christmas program.

it's a certainty that i was more excited than owen for his christmas program this year. it was his first, and my favorite christmas program to date.

i came equipped with my iphone only so picture quality is lacking (to say the least), but i'm sharing anyhow. and cooperation in posing for pictures isn't his strong suit. ;-)

while waiting for the show to get started, and all the children were finding their places, it took owen no time at all to spot us in the (surprisingly large) crowd. he waved several times. 

we expected him to stand up there like a deer in headlights, relatively inanimate. this kid is full of personality, but new situations or large crowds can sometimes leave him intimidated and quiet. this wasn't one of those times. 

he did awesome. a tad on the silly side, but mostly well-behaved. (with a moment of distraction by the cool 5 year old boys behind him.) he sang, and even sang so loudly in one of the songs (go tell it on the mountain) that we all very clearly heard his voice. he did the motions, and thoroughly enjoyed doing them. he was the only child up there who bowed at the end of a song when he heard an applause. i just grinned from ear to ear the entire time watching him. 

he was so comfortable up there. without me. my baby is growing so quickly.

here's his away in a manger performance. ;-)

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