Monday, December 2, 2013

owen's daily thankful, age 3.

last year, as a spin off from facebook's daily thankful posts, i decided to ask 2-year-old owen each night to name something he was thankful for.

this year was different and fun as he had a better grasp of what this thankful business was all about. most nights, he'd look around his room for something to say. he rarely named a repeat from another night. (this differed from last year in that he would list a person nearly every night, and most nights he'd begin with a list of people he had already named until he'd finally come to someone new.) this year involved a better mix of people and things. most nights i'd ask him to tell me why he was thankful for the person/thing he had named, too, which took some guidance in the beginning, but let to some very sweet responses.

there was one morning i said to him, "oh, owen! i'm so sorry, i forgot to ask you last night to name something or someone you are thankful for." he responded, "ummm.. i don't know what i'm thankful for, but thanks for asking." what?!

1. That I can write my name, Owen. (and boy, can he. and does he. on piece of paper he can get his hands on.)
2. Soccer ball.
3. Thanksgiving. (even though we talk about being thankful, we really hadn't talked about thanksgiving  up until this point. clearly, it's a subject being covered in school.)
4. My new car. (also known as my new car, but i can share.)
5. My new room. (see? still new. forever new.)
6. My new school and my new baby. ("new" just sticks around for awhile. this school is new from the school he attended last year, and the new baby he speaks of is his brother.)
7. All the pictures on my wall and the stars and the banners. (in his new room, duh.)
8. Daddy's new shoes. (we aren't sure about this one.. he hasn't gotten any new shoes.)
9. Books.
10. Ella.
11 my car. (this time, a toy car. actually an old remote controlled car from colby's childhood.)
12 all the superheroes. (all of 'em.)
13 Julian. (this is owen's "best friend" at school. he's 5, and is really cool. he can hang upside down on the monkey bars and he owns a transformer. baller status.)
14 Linley. (another friend from school, who he was happy to report was at school and NOT in heaven after a previous conversation we had about his cousins' dog lily passing away and going to heaven. the similarity in names was very confusing.)
15 water in my cup.
16 little Mickey. (he's still around.)
17 Grandma.
18 Captain America. (he got his own personal shoutout.)
19 Mommy. (swoon.)
20 Macy.
21 my superman poster. (obviously, looking around his room is a source for being thankful each night.)
22 Mommys boots (which i was still wearing.)
23. christmas lights. 
24. Aunt Em.
25. rice crispy treats, my piggy bank, and mommy's hair. (me: "my hair? why are you thankful for my hair?" owen: "because you're beautiful and i love you." ok, then.)
26. Daddy.
27. stickers.
28. all the people in the world. (an extra grateful heart for thanksgiving day. must have been before thanksgiving dinner was served.)
29. [Grandma], Grandpa, Uncle Derek, & Bella.
30. Bo. (Ella & Ivy's new puppy that stayed with us over Thanksgiving break.)

after we said prayers last night (dec 1), owen exclaimed, "oh! mommy! you forgot to ask me what i'm thankful for. what are you thankful for today?" what a good reminder from my little guy that thankfulness should not end just because the month of november does.

i told him i was thankful for OWEN. :)

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Leslee Dummermuth said...

shoot, didn't make the list this year. i need to up my game!!