Saturday, January 19, 2013

resolution fail.

well, shoot. my list for 2012 didn't quite go as planned, but fortunately that is not telling of how my 2012 went.

1. run another half marathon. so, i tried. i began training in very early spring, but fell victim to "runner's knee," by summer, and i let it spiral out of control before i actively sought help. (um, hello?! i work at a physical therapy clinic.) so once i managed that injury (with the help of my amazing therapist!) to the point i was able to start running again, i was past my summer half marathons. i did keep running, however. and i found a running buddy who helped me ease back into it, taking it much more slowly than i've ever dove into it, and my body thanked me. she and i were meeting 2x/week at 5:30 in the morning, and most saturday mornings for our long runs. i overcame my fear of running in the cold, and was running outdoors clear into the 30-40 degree mornings of october and november. in fact, i ran just under 7.5 miles just a couple of weeks before i found out i was pregnant. so while i didn't get to the 13.1 mile marker, i feel really good about the progress i made.
2. make granola regularly. i think i thought this one out loud, then it never crossed my mind again. whoopsie.
3. have 25-50% of my christmas shopping done by july. 90% completed by october. i don't know how exact my timing was, but i did manage to have 7 of my 14 kiddos' christmas gifts purchased AND wrapped before thanksgiving, as i was able to take all of their gifts home with us over the holiday to save on some shipping costs a few weeks later. 
5. create a family cookbook. well, one can dream. and maybe i can carry this forward to another year. (although, i don't have high hopes for 2013!) i think i organized only a couple of recipes with pictures for this resolution, so perhaps this one just wasn't meant to be quite yet. but i want to get there.
6. take one photo per week for my photography blog. i made it up through week 44. seems sad to have stopped just 8 weeks shy of the complete year, but i had a very good excuse: a baby on board! who has made me sicker than a dog! 
7. blog more on my personal blog. i succeeded in this one - with 74 posts in 2012 - more than any year to date. 
8. have family date nights, movie nights, and daddy/owen & mommy/owen dates. like many of the other resolutions, we did a pretty good job about being intentional with our family dates for the first several months, but as the year went on, our good intentions seemed to have been forgotten. don't get me wrong, we still do things together as a family, and 1-on-1, but we are not as intentional as we once were about making sure it happens.
9. go on dates with my husband. see #8.
10. bake bread often. from about the 2nd week of january through the end of may, i don't think we bought more than 1-2 loaves of bread from the store. i gave up for the summer months, knowing that a lot of peanut butter & honey sandwiches would be going down during daddy summer daycare, and didn't even want to try to keep up with that madness. then fall came around, and i make a loaf from time to time - but never picked up on my good habits again. 

we had a really amazing year, with many highlights. i'm hoping to see the end of my pregnancy sickness sooner rather than later this time around, and to be able to fully embrace 2013 and all that it has to bring. 

no list for me this year!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

christmas in review.

so i didn't get as many photos as i would have liked during christmas, but i have a sickness to blame for my lack of motivation. photos or not, this christmas was SO fun for colby and i. the difference a year made for our christmas celebrations is remarkable.

this was our first christmas since colby and i have been married that was spent in kansas city. in fact, it was the first christmas i have ever spent away from my family in indiana. it was certainly bittersweet, but i do look forward to making christmas memories in our own home with my little family. being able to wake up in our home, watch owen come down the stairs on christmas morning, and get to use our stockings for the first time ever.. it was really special. owen's enthusiasm during the whole christmas season, and on christmas morning just tickled me.

owen's first and second christmases were certainly fun, but this one has been the best yet. we joined with many american families in the "elf on the shelf" adventure at the beginning of the month, and it took off from there.

he quickly learned, loved, and sang nonstop the christmas classic "rudolph the red nosed reindeer." that feat in itself was amazing for us to see. (not verbatim word-for-word, but most of the song, and the whole way through!) the kid is a singer. at the top of his lungs.

we talked about the elf (who is yet to be named), santa claus, rudolph, frosty, the north pole, and all things christmas on a daily basis. a couple of weeks before christmas, i finally wrapped some gifts for owen's cousins and put them under the tree. this conversation usually went down at least 3 times a day:

O: who's present is dat one?
M: elise.
O: dat one?
M: addie.
O: dat one?
M: nathan.
O: dat one?
M: ella.
O: dat one?
M: baby ivy.
O: dat one?
M: baby matthias.
O: dat one?
M: lucy.
O: where my presents?
M: i don't know, where are your presents?
O: at da north poooole.

children don't tire of repetition. we can act out the same make believe scene over and over and over and over, and it never gets old. to him, at least. or have the same conversations multiple times a day, and it never gets old. (which is why, instead of answering some questions - such as where his presents were - we reverse the role and ask him the answer to his own question. because he knows the answer. very well, in fact.

in the spirit of christmas, we turned on our fireplace (probably for the first time since last christmas) on christmas eve and read "the night before christmas" as a family. then we set out our homemade cookie and a glass of milk for santa to have when he came for a visit that night. without any emphasis at all, i had mentioned that we would need to shut off the fire so that santa didn't burn his bottom when he came down our chimney. owen talked for days about santa coming down his chimney, and never left out the detail that he didn't "burn his botton." geesh.

kirkwood and macy were often owen's reindeer while he role played as santa, which was often frustrating for him since neither dog ever really cooperates with his games. so it worked out nicely on the days ella and ivy would come to play because he and ella would take turns being rudolph or santa to fly around.

here's a quick video of a conversation about the elf visiting the north pole. i wish i had gotten more conversations on video about christmas, but december was a really rough month for me. i was lucky to get this one! :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

an active imagination.

In the last month or so, Owen's imagination has completely exploded. A good portion of our lives are now spent in his imaginary world.

I grew up with a brother whose imagination was much like my Owen's. And I spent much of my time making sure he knew that his fantasies were not realistic, and his incessant sound effects that he made during his imaginary play were annoying. Older sisters have that responsibility, you know - to keep little brothers in line.

Fast forward 20 years, and here I am feeling completely guilty for being such a monster to my sweet and imaginative little brother. Because as Owen's momma, I am completely overwhelmed by the capacity his brain has to imagine up such creative scenarios and to be completely entertained by playing them out. I not only marvel at this little boy's imaginative spirit, but I actually play along. And enjoy it.

Owen morphs from Buzz Lightyear to Santa Claus to a puppy in the matter of minutes. He acts as Dr. Martin (his pediatrician), a dog groomer, and a music teacher. He drives me in his race cars, on his choo choo trains, and in his bumpy tractors at the pumpkin patch. At any given moment I may be under attack by a monster, a snowball, a shark, or a laser. I pull the string from his back, and he says "There's a snake in my boot." or push the button on his chest to make his wings pop out. Sometimes his red nose squeaks, but it's a good sign that he'll be guiding my sleigh through the foggy skies that night.

I love this little boy to no end.