Sunday, July 21, 2013

my new camera.

so this happened.

a decision i've been wavering over for months - canon vs. nikon. i knew i was ready for an upgrade, but couldn't decide if i was ready to make the switch. i bit the bullet, and am now the proud owner of my new CANON! 

a certain 3-year-old wants to come take pictures with it each time i try to get it out to practice, so i've had a very limited amount of time to get acquainted. here are a couple of [washed out] photos i snapped at the pool today.

i have a lot to learn about the camera and my new lenses, but am already certain i'm going to love it. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

pool manager.

colby began his summer job as a pool manager at a local country club this past may. although he was looking forward to his summer off (oh, the perks of being a teacher!), i felt this was a blessing that fell right in our laps at a perfect time with the upcoming blow to our budget that consists of the following: 1. a 3 month maternity leave, 2. childbirth hospital bills, 3. the end of family-share childcare era + the beginning of full-time daycare and preschool for two kids. ouch.

the hours can be long, and the demands surprisingly high, but overall it has been a great summer job. he is in complete control of his own schedule, which has made it doable in terms of childcare for owen. he is manager to a group of high school and college-aged lifeguards - a group that he gets along very well with. he is excellent at "putting out fires" as a teacher who has dealt with a whole host of issues with parents of students during the school year. plus, i've married a man who likes (to put it lightly) clean and neat. the country club owners benefit greatly from this.

meanwhile, his 2 days off each week are days that i'm working which means he gets daddy & owen time for two full days. both boys love it so much.

he was quite skeptical from the beginning, and has certainly had some not-so-great days.. but i think the big picture paints itself well, and he intends to be back next summer.

besides, it gets us free entrance to the pool there, and we've spent many of our weekends visiting dad at work and swimming in his pool, which is way bigger than our neighborhood pool.

so thankful to this summer job opportunity, and to my husband for embracing it! :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

the home stretch.

39 weeks has come and gone, and my belly still houses a human.

but it's getting close, ya'll.

(taken at 38 weeks)

i've reached the point that i can't make a phone call home without starting off with "hi, i'm not in labor." 

my girl, sarah, treated me to a deliciously wonderful spa pedicure this past weekend. owen put in a request for blue toes before i left, and well.. only children often get their way. ;-) then afterwards, a frozen yogurt treat hit the spot on a hot summer's afternoon.

and here's what's fresh:
  • my appetite is weaning - unless it's ice cream - something i don't remember fading with my first pregnancy. but that could also be due to the fact that it's mid-july, and quite toasty.
  • i've woken up feeling quite nauseous for the past several days, and it takes most of the morning to get through.
  • hourly trips to the bathroom begin about 1-2AM, then become every half hour in the 4AM hour.
  • if it's on the floor, i'm not getting it. house rule.
  • contractions are quite the frequent visitor, but they remain sporadic, thus no trips to the hospital. 
  • my stomach is heavy. it's a constant state of discomfort. standing, sitting, laying.
  • i'm exhausted most of the time, with some really great days mixed in. 
  • this baby is active. owen was by no means inactive, but this is borderline out of control. excuse the bare skin, and watch this video below (if it doesn't completely creep you out):

hopefully i'll be posting very soon to introduce owen's baby brother! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

baseball and swimming.

we're halfway through the summer, and i have to say, it's been great to have so much time with our owen.

for owen, summer has mainly consisted of two things: baseball & swimming. and he's made incredible progress with both.

owen's new balls, bat, and tee that he received from us for his birthday have been quite successful this summer. he loves to play so much. and his daddy loves to play with him. the time that i decided to get out there to play with him turned out to be a bit dramatic on my end when i inadvertently "slid" into third base after hitting a home run. (as it turns out, that big belly i've been sporting throws my equilibrium off a bit.)

below are a couple of videos of his hitting. the first was taken about a month ago, and the second video just this past week. he really loves it. but if you ask him if he's going to play baseball when he gets older, he says no. the answer is always soccer. we never play soccer. but it makes perfect sense to him.

the pools have stayed unseasonably cool up until the last couple of weeks due to the most mild of summers i've experienced since living here. and my skinny little boy is quite sensitive to the cold. but for the few times the pools have been warmer, he rocks in the water.

the first of the videos below is not a good quality, as it's second hand from nana, but it's the best we have on video of his swim strokes. the second video is a better representation of the way he normally swims, which shows so much improvement from last year!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

celebrating the 4th.

we had a fun day celebrating the 4th of july. we spent the afternoon at the pool, then headed to my in-laws' for dinner with family.

but for the fourth straight year, we didn't make it to see fireworks.

i had really hoped this would be our year to make it to see some fireworks, but a fun-filled day wears a boy out. he tuckered out just before 9, so we didn't bother to head out for a view.

fireworks or not, this red, white, and blue trio satisfied my soul. the patriotic pies, courtesy of my sister-in-law, were blueberry, strawberry rhubarb, and coconut cream, finished off with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream. YUM.