Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween!

happy halloween from the dischinger boys!

owen has been battling a virus of some sort [we're on day 5 of fevers..], so we were lucky to get this window of time that he felt well. he's been telling me for weeks, "mommy! it's almost halloween!" so it would have broken my heart to see him sit this one out. he had already missed the halloween festivities at school, so colby took him to a couple of houses to trick-or-treat, while brooks and i sat on the front steps waiting for trick-or-treaters.

i don't think owen's captain america costume was a shock to anyone. he takes the role pretty seriously. ;-)

this wasn't brooks' first hand-me-down, and it won't be his last, but it might be one of the cutest. here's my little happy giraffe. [click here to see this costume on owen.]

Monday, October 28, 2013

my weekend in photos.

yikes! off to a bad start already. a day late, here is my weekend in photos!

we kicked off the weekend with a little brotherly love. with the four of us being in different places during the day, it sure is nice to all end up at the same place.

on saturday, we celebrated a 6-year-old.. halloween style! happy birthday, bean!

a unicorn, a bumble bee, captain america.. all coming together to decorate some cupcakes! 

sometimes, a boy just needs his momma.

we also celebrated turning 3 months old by spending time outdoors watching his big brother ride his scooter. 

one final trip to the pumpkin patch for the season. sadly, it was cut short with a fevery owen.

and i had to include this one, because it reminded me of the last image of this post :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

introducing.. my weekend in photos.

i've gone back to work. and i'm making it a 5 day work week instead of 4 this time around. i anticipate life to be busy.. and for my blogging to fall behind, sooooo..

i'm adopting a series from my friend kendra called "my weekend in photos." 

i think (i hope) i'll be setting myself up to be successful in keeping this space fairly current by sharing photos from our weekends each week. not a lot of thought need go into these posts, so i'm hoping i can manage to keep up with this to fill in some anticipated gaps in my blogging. 


i kicked off my weekend with my first day back to work, followed by more work at the kc marathon expo representing some sport + spine for the event. i'm thankful to be returning to work with some amazing coworkers that i've missed while i've been gone. 

we spent our saturday morning downtown rooting on my brother-in-law who completed his first marathon! so amazing.

and my saturday afternoon snuggling.

after church on sunday, we headed south to make our annual visit to the louisburg cider mill.

the boys enjoyed them some fresh apple cider and donuts.

i had a family photo session this weekend in a new spot. who knew we had waterfalls? 

 and because i have a problem, more of this happened.

i'm gearing up for my first full week back to work, brooks's first day(s) of daycare. wish me luck!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

back to work.

i had the most perfect day soaking up this sweet sunshine.

but oh baby, i sure don't want to leave you.

i want to sit here and hold you, and never put you down in a desperate attempt to make time stand still. you're going to grow and change so much in these upcoming months as we're adjusting to the busy life of two working parents, our boys in two different places during the day, and daddy's swim season beginning. and what i'm most afraid of is this time slipping right through my fingers, missing these gradual changes, because we'll be so focused on "getting by" until a slower season of life comes along. (because those do come along, right?)

forgive me in these next few months as we adjust. i know you will. little boys love their mommas, and you are no exception. we'll find our rhythm.

as i enter back into the working world tomorrow morning, i'll think of you often, and will miss you all day long. thanks for making these last 12 weeks of leave so enjoyable.. and so hard to say goodbye to!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

a trip to indiana.

i wanted to share more about my trip to indiana. or mostly just share more pictures.

as i did with maternity leave numero uno, i booked a week long visit to indiana at the tail end of my leave to spend time with my family. and show off my baby.

i flew out with the two boys by myself for the trip out, then colby joined us later in the week and was there for an extra set of hands for our trip back.

we had an incredible week. it was relatively uneventful, and absolutely perfect. we had some visitors come in and out to meet brooks, and i made a couple of outings with my friends. our big event was a night away and trip to bloomington to see an iu football game for the first time in a few years. loved our mini getaway to a town we are both so fond of.

here's my vacation [iphone] photo bomb below. (and here's my vacation [good camera] photo bomb on my photography blog.)


helping grandma hang the clothes on the line.

a foggy morn.

 owen got to drive the lawnmower.

my bff, and her sweet henry. 

 another one of my bff's two sweet boys. owen, colton, and layton were pals immediately!

grandma and grandpa were smitten with their boys.

we hit up anderson's new 'food truck thursdays' - all 3 trucks worth. and 1 wasn't even a truck - it was a tent.

uncle derek plays super cool games on the computer. owen was fascinated.

october is the time of the year that the corn fields come down, and you can finally see cross-traffic at stop signs. owen loved seeing the tractors.

we cheered our hoosiers on to a historic victory over penn state. stylish ponchos and all.

a sad, sad day. my laptop took a tumble from a high table for a mere $549 repair fee.

sunsets galore. love being able to see the horizon for an unobstructed sunset.

grandpa and o.

this is a smiley baby. :)

possibly my favorite night of our trip. we had a bonfire. the sunset was gorg. owen roasted marshmallows for the first time. a perfect october eve. such nostalgia.

a slightly different view on my morning runs in indiana.

of course we got in some time with the sheep.

i spy a neck! love that sweet little boy.

Monday, October 14, 2013

traveling with my boys.

i booked a week long visit to indiana to spend with my family at the end of this maternity leave. owen, brooks, and i made it to the airport by 6:30 AM with far too many items to make traveling easy. fortunately, i was able to discard our giant suitcase and the carseat base right away at ticketing. but i was still left with a 3 year old, a 2 month old, car seat, stroller, camera bag, laptop bag, a diaper bag, and owen's backpack to keep track of. not to mention, once we make it to security, all of these things that are so delicately positioned and carried are upheaved. laptop OUT of bag. bottles OUT of diaper bag. baby OUT of carseat. carseat OUT of stroller. shoes off. jackets off. fold down carseat. fold down stroller. i think i filled approximately 300 bins.

i'm just thankful i didn't set off the metal detectors this time.

because i did that once when traveling with owen. because of it, they needed me to come through separately from owen, and when i tried handing my less than 1 year old to the security personnel, he held up his arms in a fashion that made me feel i was handing him a ticking bomb, and refused to hold him for me. so, as i begrudgingly was putting my baby onthefloor, a kind woman behind me swooped him up and held him long enough for me to walk through the detector alone. and then again holding owen. which, by the way, didn't go off again.

so i repacked all of our belongings and off to the gate we went. but first, envision me assembling the carseat and stroller one handed, as i was holding a baby. and irritated travelers hovering close to me and my 300 bins that most of which were sent through multiple times, impatiently awaiting their single carry-on to arrive on this end of the conveyor belt.

it wasn't until boarding that i had to ditch the stroller to carry brooks in his oversized carseat (because, thank the lord, this flight was not full) through the narrow aisle of the airplane. i was that person whose many bags hanging from my shoulders were banging people as we made our way through the aisle. the best part of the not full flight was not that i didn't have to hold my baby (because let's face it, he only lasted about 5 minutes in his carseat), but that we were able to take up a whole row. i was always terrified when flying with baby owen that i'd pick a seat next to someone who would be grouchy and unforgiving if he were to have a rough flight. i'd say only a time or two in all of our many airplane rides did we choose a seat that our neighbor was less than friendly, and fortunately owen was on stellar behavior those times.

off we went. one hour and 25 minutes later, we landed in indianapolis. and i am so pleased to report we had an amazing flight. and shocked? yep, that too. owen remembered to put on his listening ears that morning, which doesn't always happen. and also left his whiney drawers at home, which also doesn't always happen. he entertained himself on the flight with cars and books and snacks. and brooks smiled and coo'ed, took a bottle, snoozed in my arms, and smiled and coo'ed some more. our drinks never got spilled. no cars fell to the floor and took a drive eight rows back. no complaints of earaches, or unconsolable cries from my baby. in fact, no cries came from my baby at all. we even made a family trip to the pint-sized bathroom (and all miraculously fit) so that owen could potty.

yep, traveling alone with two littles is something i can say i've conquered, but not something i'd wish on myself again. things don't go that well twice.