Saturday, November 30, 2013

happy thanksgiving!

we stuck around kansas city this year for thanksgiving as we have for all of our married years - with the exception of last year. unfortunately, none of my other family got them memo to stay in town.

definitely missed the little people, both near and far, that i am so thankful for at what must have been the quietest thanksgiving i've had, and certainly the smallest. owen didn't bring his grateful attitude to the dinner table - at least not until the pumpkin pie came out - but for the rest of us, it was a lovely dinner with my in-laws and colby's grandpa. in fact, owen's dinner was reminiscent of his first thanksgiving dinner seen here.

picky eater or not, those two little boys (and my big boy) sure make my heart swell with thankfulness. 

(but seriously, brooks.. don't take after your brother on the eating front.) 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

my boys.

luh-luh-love being a mama of boys. i can't tell you how many people assumed we would want a girl for baby #2, or  when finding out that it was a boy would say something like, "well now you're going to have to go for a third to get that girl!' i liked to throw people off with a response like, "if i'm going for a third, it's for another boy!" after one boy, i was hooked. and with my two little boys, i'm just smitten. but i'm going to put this out there: i couldn't do it without the man i married beside me.

he plays such an important part in our family, and i'm thankful for the dad he is. the way he loves them. the way he radiates pride for them. how he steps in when i need to step away. how getting outside to play tackle football or build snow forts is as fun for him as it is for owen. 

that my boys have someone to learn the art of peeing standing up from. (though, honey, owen's skills could use some fine tuning..) that saturday morning donut dates are for boys only. 

that he is an example of a hard working family man. that not only does he love his sons, but he loves his sons' momma. 
and we all love him back. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

my weekend in photos.

we started our weekend with a friday night big family dinner. it was nice to have everyone together since everyone is deserting kc for thanksgiving. whatevs, more pie for me!

this past week was also the first week of high school swim season. i was eased into it with early practice dismissal, so i haven't quite reached swim season widow status quite yet. colby had saturday morning practice, and i had a photo shoot. tag team weekend parenting seems to be a frequent occurrence in this house. because, let's face it, everything is easier to do without a toddler and baby in tow. 

we had a surprise visitor on saturday afternoon: my new doggy-nephew! 

we followed suit with many others by getting a head start on some of our holiday decorating. 

my littlest started battling a cold on saturday, but continues to amaze me with his happy personality. contrary to my first, he just smiles. frequently.

a lazy sunday included some holiday baking for mommy, football & leaf-raking for daddy and owen, and classic reading for brooks. his latest piece of literature: moby dick. (thanks, aunt leslee!) 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

my weekend in photos.

my excuses are endless. this week? left my phone (which is the source of my photos) at a friend's house sunday night, which makes this post a bit difficult otherwise.

no pictures for proof, but on friday night colby and i went out with one of my college friends and her husband (also a hoosier!) for a long overdue double date.. and i ordered beer. say what? i should clarify that it was a grapefruit beer that to beer drinkers is hardly beer and tastes more like a fresca.. but it's beer, nonetheless.

we picked up our littlest from nana and papa's, and left owen behind for a sleepover with his cousins. i assisted in transporting the crew on saturday to the new dino museum & then out for lunch at freddy's.

i squeezed in a quick trip to pick up a couple of christmas gift items, then hung low with the fam for the remainder of our saturday. we made a trip to the park and then the boys did some work out in the yard on a mild november day.

these boys rock my world.

for the first time since living in kansas city, the chiefs have had a good run. so the 9-0 chiefs hit the road to face their rivals in denver and my former colts quarterback peyton manning.. and colby, the boys, and i headed to our friends for some chili, SNF, and these. (made by yours truly!)

we had a good weekend and enjoyed getting in some quality time with friends. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

owen's "new" room.

last march, over colby's spring break, we decided to clean out our spare bedroom to clear the way for owen to move into that room, and leave his old bedroom as the nursery for the upcoming addition. we had already begun planning for the transition by asking for some of these pieces to be gifted to him at christmas.

but with everything left at a standstill for a few months, i made it my goal to finally complete this room over my maternity leave, and i'm proud to say that i did just that.

the first major change [aside from being in a different bedroom] was switching to a twin sized bed from his toddler bed, which we were converting back into a crib. he was a rockstar. it didn't phase him in the least, and we never had any problems with him rolling out of bed.

luckily for the timeliness of this post, owen still refers to his bedroom as his "new room." and often, anytime we get a visitor, he offers to show them his "new room." even if they've already been given the tour. and even if they've been given the tour each of their previous 10 visits. but i love that about him - how long it takes for the appeal of "new" to wear off.

we love spending time in his room each night before bed. it's so spacious, yet so cozy. it's so perfectly owen. and he truly loves it. truly.

Cute superhero art prints | Loopzart on etsy
Brother vs Superhero wall art | hoosieratheart (by me!) on etsy
Comic strip bunting | made by me (inspired by pinterest), purchased cheap comic books from ebay
Twin bedding | Urban Outfitters
wall color: Gray Matters SW7066 | Sherwin Williams
pictures of brothers canvas art | made by me, painted the edge of 2 blank canvases, then used spray adhesive to adhere prints to the canvas to match the brother vs. superhero wall art.
area rug | from Rugs USA
star decals on wall | urban walls on etsy

Monday, November 11, 2013

my weekend[s] in photos.

don't be mad.

i took my computer back to the apple store on halloween night, and it wasn't returned until friday. and THEN i left my power cord at work. and THEN our garage door spring broke, so my plans to fetch it were grounded.

but i'm back. here are my previous weekends in photos:

this first weekend was pretty low-key. a dinner out, and a little photo shoot, but mostly kept close to home since owen still wasn't feeling 100% from his week home sick from school. i didn't get any tree photos, but i'm convinced that weekend was the prettiest i had seen fall in kansas city to date.

a friday night family date for some mexican.

i mean, c'mon.. is he not the cutest baby ever?

just because he was so cute from the back, too.

feeling like my 3-year-old is looking more and more like a little boy every day.


this past weekend was likely the last of our beautiful kansas city fall weekends with threats of snow flurries on tuesday. we spent a lot of time outdoors soaking up the beautiful weather. we were landlocked on saturday with a broken garage door, then had a jam-packed sunday.

owen and i layed in our front yard and watched these balloons.

 i got out for my longest postpartum run to date - 3 miles. fall made it easy on me.

since our porch furniture arrived at the end of our outdoor weather season, these 3 took full advantage of the nice weather.

he and this elephant have become great friends.

 brooksy in the hood!

 sunday was a beautiful day for a photoshoot.

 fall is for football.

now that i have my computer back, i hope to be a bit more consistent with my posts. wish me luck with that endeavor! ;-)