Sunday, January 5, 2014

my weekend in photos.

While I sit in my warm and cozy bed, in my warm and cozy house, I feel so very thankful to have both this time of year. Kansas City brags only a few inches of new snow, while my homeland of Indiana is being dumped on in a big way. (They never got what we did last year. Twice. It's payback.) Whether 2 inches or 12, it's those subzero temperatures and wind chills that make me most grateful for my furnace. 

So we had a rough weekend around here, preceded by a rough week. Friday was my fifth day straight with a fever, and Colby being on day 3 - both of us feeling so rotten. We're so grateful to Colby's parents for keeping our boys for 2 nights while we were bedridden with illness. 

I gave essential oils a try to kick my sickness, as my sister-in-law swears by them for everything.

The dogs took good care of us, and didn't mind a little extra attention in the ear scratching department.

I got to fetch the boys on Saturday afternoon. Regaining strength and energy after being completely flattened by a flu takes time. With Colby still isolated, I was completely wiped by the end of our first half day back together. Yikes. But oh, I was so happy to have them back home. 

Day two on the mends went much better. I moved a little quicker, and even did a little extra. Like make a batch of my favorite baked oatmeal for old time's sake. 

Even though we are definitely having a birthday do-over for Colby, we did manage to find some energy to finally open and unpack part of his birthday gift. Because I'm the best wife ever. A line up of stouts, porters, and dark ales (he no longer drinks IPA's, pale ales, etc) - all different breweries. I think he had tried only one of them before. FTW. 

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