Sunday, January 12, 2014

my weekend in photos.

Would you believe that we still haven't kicked whatever bug we came down with at our house? We've made some big strides in the right direction, but getting ourselves back to 100% is proving to be a difficult battle.

My Friday began with an unplanned visitor at work. I received my first (and definitely not last) phone call from Owen's school reporting a head collision with another student. After spending some time with Colby at work, he came my way to finish up my work day. (And practice his running.)

After getting by with the bare minimum for the week, I had enough energy Saturday that I a) mopped the floors, b) made a real dinner, and c) ventured out of the house with the family for a Costco trip. That's a pretty big Saturday in my books these days.

And Sunday beat Saturday with a trip to church, the mall, and the outlets. I think my adventurous spirit was inspired by our random 65 degree weather. It's just so much easier to run errands without extra blankets and bulky coats, or trying to run quickly to escape cold or snow with a heavy infant carrier and/or toddler in tow.

Owen thoroughly enjoys trips up and down the escalators.

And Brooks thoroughly enjoys.. well, his momma. But I'm pretending he was enjoying the outdoors and shopping.

Also, Colby has discovered a website that allows you to play old Nintendo games. Much to my disliking, Owen and Brooks both seem to be equally amused. 

Some of Owen's Christmas gifts this year have been super fun for Colby and I to join in on. My next post is going to include some of our favorite gifts from Christmas.

Somehow Sunday night has snuck right up on us. Hoping this will be my week to get well! I'm ready to get my new years resolutions on, and this sickness has sure put a damper on my progress.

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