Monday, January 27, 2014

my weekend in photos.

I held off a day in the event I'd be "enjoying" one extra day to my weekend at home with a sick kiddo. But praise the Lord, off to school he went!

 Colby and I kicked off our weekend right: Friday night sweatpants and wine after the boys had gone to bed.

While Owen napped (yes, napped!) away his fever, I spent some time with this cutie pie on Saturday afternoon. 

And this one, too. 

I was stolen away for dinner & a drink with my sister in law for my Saturday evening - a dreamy grown-up, girls only night out. The restaurant, called Rye, was owned by a husband/wife chef duo named Colby & Megan (for real!), so how could I pass it up? Colby and I dined at their [pricier] first establishment, bluestem, for a date night last year, just to say we'd been to Colby & Megan's restaurant. (thanks to a Groupon) There's no picture proof of the affair, as I tend to only take photos of my kids. Must work on that.

Then on Sunday morning, I woke up to a 6 month old baby boy. He's working really hard at this sitting up business, but it's hard work. A turn of his head or excitement of any kind pretty much guarantees he'll face plant. 

A first (but probably not last) for me was quadrupling the baked oatmeal recipe. I figured I had all of the ingredients (in bulk), and it freezes well, so I might as well make the mess only once. 

Owen fought a 102+ fever for the entirety of Saturday. But after dodging the wretched flu that struck Colby and I earlier this month, as well as whatever was trying to get him this weekend.. I'm convinced he may be too ornery to get sick. Thankful sickness has spared us - at least for now!

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Leslee Dummermuth said...

it was a "dreamy" date, wasn't it? and i'm not hurt that there are no pictures of me...but your cocktail deserved one!!