Thursday, February 27, 2014

brooks at 7 months.

Brooks just passed his 7 month mark, and I'm not sure I believe it. I just want to take a little time to document what life looks like for this little guy right now.

He finally mastered sitting up, and is making some progress towards scooting on his belly to get to a toy or something he wants. He also utilizes his ability to roll, which usually is cause for a laugh when I've left him in one place while I step out of the room to come back and find him in a new, and sometimes interesting, spot.

He has discovered his tongue, and he doesn't care who knows it. You can rarely find him in a happy mood without the tongue poking out. I posted his 6 month photos on my photography blog this week, many of which featured his new "trick."

He is finally sporting a little hair that is finally here to stay. It seems to be coming in brown, so I'll be interested to see if it remains dark.

He has been such an easy baby. With such a chill and content disposition, he's happy to be doing almost anything. The anythings he loves, though, consist mostly of grabbing everything in his sight with the intention of getting them into his mouth, watching his big brother with such interest and delight, being tickled and kissed on in ticklish spots to get him giggling, and just simply being talked/read/or sung to.

I'm afraid I'm nearing the conclusion that solid food is just not a strong point with these children I create. Before spending the time to make my own baby food (as I did with O), I've been buying different foods and brands to have a wide assortment of foods to offer. We're also dabbling with solids he can hold and gnaw on independently. But alas, he'd rather be gnawing on a piece of paper or rubber band bracelet or some other inedible item in his viewpoint.

He's a rockstar sleeper. Both during the day and at night. However, the only stipulation to this is that it must be in a napping environment. (IE - a crib) He will sleep in the car, but will not stay asleep once the carseat is out of the car, nor will he fall asleep in new situations - IE: planes, while shopping, or anywhere we may be during a time he'd otherwise be napping. On the up side of that, he's usually a really great sport and doesn't fall to pieces when he's missing his nap. (I think he loves the adventure, and can't risk missing out on anything that could happen.) He typically goes to bed around 6:30 pm (I know.) and most of the time will sleep 12 hours without waking until 6:30 am. This only seems to be interrupted when he's sick or hitting a growth spurt to where even his daytime bottles are increased. And if he does wake at night, he has always been so great about taking the bottle and going right back to sleep.

He's started saying "Mamamama" quite frequently, with a lot of raspberry and spit noises intermixed. This is fun for me, as the "Dadadadada" came before the "Mamamama" with Owen. (Though I'm very aware he hasn't associated this noise he's making with his mama, we just pretend.)

No teeth yet! If he takes after his brother, we'll see a couple pop through in the next month. But if he takes after his "mamamama," he may not see one until his first birthday! Eek.

We really, really love this baby. It's fun to see his little personality start to show, and love watching the interactions between the two boys. Excited for the months and years to come with our boys! We have such great kids.

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