Sunday, February 2, 2014

my weekend in photos.

On Thursday morning, Brooks and I hopped on a plane (though nothing about traveling with little people is quite as simple as "hopping on a plane") for a long weekend in Indiana.

This little guy still remained his happy self even though he has come down with yet another cold. And his grandma was just smitten with some time with her grandson.

For a long weekend away (and only my 3rd weekend away from Owen), I'm so thankful for technology, and the ability to FaceTime my boys.

Since my sickness prevented me from tasting my beloved Pizza King while I was in town over Christmas, we had a re-do. Nom.

Brooks was loved on by cousin Lucy - perhaps a little less enthusiastic about the lovin' than she.

 Meanwhile, back in Kansas City…

One of my weekend highlights was getting to celebrate a cute momma-to-be and seeing some special friends of mine.

For a brief time, I enjoyed a free lap, and these sweet piggies on the plane while Brooks napped. For a brief time.

And I died a little on the inside when I opened my suitcase upon my arrival home.

 But the evening redeemed itself, thanks to a husband who followed behind picking up the pieces while nothing seemed to be going right. And also by preparing a throwback favorite of mine: an orange soda float (a surprise he and Owen had picked up from the store earlier that day.)

I sure did enjoy some sweet time at my Hoosier home. I also was so ready to be hugged by a couple of boys who had the best Daddy-Owen weekend ever, but that I sure was missing. Gearing up for the week of our first winter storm and counting on hot cocoa for dessert!

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