Tuesday, February 11, 2014

snow day(s) in kansas city.

Way back when, I was waiting until the very last second possible by listening out my front door for the school bus's brakes screeching to sprint 75 yards to our street in sub-zero temperatures to hop onto the bus to head to our school which was not cancelled.

I think I may never understand school cancellations here. Or how when I'm driving home in the eye of a big snowfall, how I see zero snow plows on the streets. Or how the entire city seems to shut down for 6-8 inches of snow. There was no way a bus could have made it down our street - I get that. But when we're 48 hours out from the snow's beginning, I think it's silly that so many streets are still either untouched or unable to be navigated. Especially for an affluent county that I wouldn't otherwise blame budgets for being ill-prepared. 

I grew up in an anything but wealthy city and county, but those country roads were filled with snow plows - beginning at the snows first accumulation, and all through the night. School was never cancelled the night before - only 2-hour delays would be granted that early. It wasn't until the early hours of the morning that they would determine whether road conditions were safe for travel. And temperatures were never a reason for cancellations. (Though we did have early dismissal a few times over the years during the month of August due to heat indexes since our school did not have air conditioning..) 

But I'm not complaining. Just baffled. In fact, as a parent, I quite enjoy the anticipation of a school cancellation. I love to see the boys celebrate a snow day announcement by staying up a little later, staying in sweat pants all day long, playing and sledding in the snow, and on occasion - getting to share a portion of their day with them when work closes early. 

But on days I don't get to go home early, we even enjoy the snow at work. (It's hard to tell by the picture, but a few of us gals went out to play in the snow, and climb the massive snow hill made by the plows clearing our parking lot. That's an "I'm on top of the world!" pose, though I look to be level to the ground.. I swear it was high up.) 

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