Wednesday, March 26, 2014

brooks: 8 months.

This isn't the start of monthly updates. But a lot has changed so quickly for my miniature dude that I felt it warranted another update, albeit one month later.

Brooks at 8 months:

First up, this baby is mobile. What started as inching has progressed to all-out army crawling. And doggonit, he's quick. (sorry, no video)

And then a tooth popped through. And a week later, another tooth popped through. (But trying to photograph said teeth makes one grouchy.)

And then shortly after that, he began being able to support and balance himself when we propped him up.

And I'm a little bit scared at the rate this is going that he might grow up on me! Why is it that those sweet babies do that to us? Stay bitty for awhile longer, please!

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