Thursday, March 20, 2014

my [spring break] weekend in photos.

Since my weekend was extended by a little getaway to Indiana during the boys' spring break, I decided to hold off my weekend photo bomb to cover our trip.

I have no pictures for proof, but Colby and I kicked off our first night of break with a little St. Paddy's party with a house full of Hoosiers living in KC. We wore green, ate green, and drank green.

Saturday morning, we all piled in the car for a road trip to Indiana. With the exception of a near-accident, the trip was seamless. Our boys were on stellar behavior. The weather was gorgeous, which made stops enjoyable.

Our trip, as always, seemed entirely too short. Our kids were healthy, which made such a difference from my last visit when Brooks was feeling under the weather.

The weather wasn't quite as nice in Indiana as were enjoying in KC, so a lot of time was spent indoors playing basketball on Grandma's new over-the-door goal which more than pleased Owen.

I also snuck a trip south to Columbus with a couple of my girlfriends to meet the newest of the high school crew's little ones. Miss Adley Kate was more than adorable, and perfectly teeny and snuggly. Even though I'm not really that far out from that stage, it was amazing how distant it seems from my almost 8-month-old who has changed by leaps and bounds in the last few weeks.

Trips to visit Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Derek are always a highlight to our year. Thankful for a fun visit and time together as a family.

In no particular order, below are some pictures from our trip!

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