Sunday, March 2, 2014

my weekend in photos.

We had a good weekend around here.

Friday night was kicked off with a birthday. My father-in-law turned 60!

We ran errands, as we always do on the weekends, but got supplies for a fun weekend in the kitchen with the impending winter storm coming in. (PS - groceries with Starbucks and carts with cupholders rock my world.)

Oklahoma Joes bbq for dinner, and a fondue Saturday night!

Here it is. Saturday night's weather predictions, with another 1-4" in Sunday's forecast.

And for the record, we didn't see much more than this. Can we all agree that the hype behind this storm was the lamest of all?

But onward and upward. It was bitter cold, so we still kept indoors. First up, chocolate chip sweet rolls and cinnamon roll making with my favorite little helping hands.

Suddenly, basketball has become Owen's new favorite pastime. So many breaks were taken during our baking adventures to shoot some hoops. He has quit the captive audience, don't you think?

For dinner, homemade pizzas! The dough recipe yields enough that we each can have our own pizza (with leftovers!). 

And fondue [round 2] for dessert. So the treadmill was an appropriate end to a weekend full of sweets and savories.. and lots of it. (And for the record, this was his idea. And he was only allowed to walk. For 2 minutes. But the headband was a nice touch, no? His idea, also.)

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